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Policies & Regulations General

– General rules
Welcome to perform services VIETNAMLOCALS TRAVEL. Customers please review our regulations and cooperate with us to jointly build a day VIETNAMLOCALS TRAVEL friendly utility to best serve the needs of customers.
– Responsibilities of clients using the service when VIETNAMLOCALS TRAVEL
Customers must absolutely not use any tools, any method to interference, illegal intrusion into the system or alter the data structure website. Customers may not encourage actions or interventions, data intrusion VIETNAMLOCALS TRAVEL as well as systems of our servers. Also, please notify the webmaster of VIETNAMLOCALS TRAVEL when customers discovered the bug system by phone (+84 2343 840 333)
The customer has no right to use the logo, trademark and / or name of the company without the written agreement and the consent of the company.
Customers are not given those comments, reviews mean to offend, harass, annoy or have any lack of cultural behavior of other customers. No comments yet related to politics (as propaganda, sabotage, distorting state …), religious discrimination, gender, ethnicity …. Prohibits tampering issue, deliberately creating confusion to be a different customer.
 – Responsibilities and rights of VIETNAMLOCALS TRAVEL
In case of any problems arising unintended our responsibility, VIETNAMLOCALS TRAVEL will not be responsible for any losses incurred. Also, we do not allow the organization or individual to promote products and services in VIETNAMLOCALS TRAVEL website that no confirmation of the company. The agreements and the provisions of the Terms of Use may be changed at any time but we will be available to specifically inform
Regulation on the provision and use of services described the conditions and terms that the company provides to customers using the service. The customer agrees to follow the way services were meant advice customer acceptance and commitment to comply with regulations on the provision and use of services. TRAVEL VIETNAM Locals may refuse to provide services if the customer does not accept the provisions.
 – Customer service standards
Always ensure customers are served quickly and professionally via hotline (+84 2343 840 333) or conversation directly on site with experienced counselors of us.
Commitment to Quality Management System With modern services and relationships over the years with partners and customers to be served with the best quality of service.
Competitive prices: We always advise the best way to cost you can choose from. All services have fixed prices or price lists, according to the characteristics of the work required and the time to implement it. This price may be adjusted according to market changes. The value is set according to the local currency or in US dollars (USD).
Products / services and unique differences.
Customer Care Policy: The requirements you will be head of customer care or room to receive and handle quickly.

Policies & Regulations General
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