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Quang Tri day tours – Viet Nam Locals

Viet Nam Locals ‘ Quang Tri day tours will give you a chance to know deeply Vietnam war history. Like a survived evidence, the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) describes rural life of Vietnamese people and hidden stories of Viet Nam war.

The DMZ  lay at the 17th parallel and was created by an agreement known as the Geneva Agreement. In reality, the DMZ extended 10 km on either side of the Ben Hai River and ran west to east from the Laotian border to the South China Sea. The DMZ was breached by the North Vietnamese Army  when they constructed the Ho Chi Minh Trail. That allowed for the transport of troops and supplies to the National Liberation Front in the south.

The U.S, in an attempt to stop the flow of troops and supplies, built a series of fire bases including Camp Carroll, Fuller, The Rockpile, Con Tien, Vandergrift, Khe Sanh Combat Base, Lang Vei Special Forces Camp…. along Route 9, about six miles south of and parallel to the DMZ. That series of bases became known as the “McNamara Line,” so named for Robert S. McNamara”, then U.S. secretary of defence. Some of the war’s fiercest fighting and bloodiest battles occurred along that line. Such areas as Khe Sanh, Con Tien, Hamburger Hill… are forever etched into the minds of the soldiers who fought there and survived.

Quang Tri day tours
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