Bac Kan is endowed with a variety of beautiful natural landscapes. A stunning watercolor picture is created by the vast natural lakes, majestic ancient forests, and rolling mountains. One location in Bac Kan that will cause you to “stop sitting still” if you’re a traveler who enjoys the majesty and poetry of serene nature is Ba Be. Exploring Ba Be with Vietnam Private Car, you certainly have stunning journey.

Where to stay when traveling to Ba Be?

1. Ba Be Jungle Lake Houses

Address: Coc Toc village, Nam Mau commune, Bac Kan.

Phone: 0936 489 068


Room rate:

  • Deluxe Double: 1,150,000VND/Night
  • Royal Family – Triple room: 1,395,000VND / Night
  • Deluxe Family – Triple room: 1,480,000VND / Night

Staying in Ba Be Jungle Lake Houses allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture.Ba Be Jungle Lake Houses is run by a friendly local family, providing an authentic and warm experience. The homestay is nestled amidst the lush greenery of Ba Be National Park. Wake up to serene views of the surrounding mountains and the tranquil lake. Don’t miss out on the delicious home-cooked meals! Taste traditional dishes made from fresh, local ingredients.

2. Ba Be Lakeside Bungalow

Address: Coc Toc Village Nam Mau Commune, Bac Kan.

Phone: +842093984666


Room rate:

  • Standard Room: 1,942,000VND/Night
  • Dormitory Room: 1,558,000VND/Night
Ba Be Lakeside Bungalow

Ba Be Lakeside Bungalow is a charming retreat nestled near Ba Be Lake in Vietnam. Inspired by the stilts of the Tay people, the bungalows offer a distinctive experience. Each room has a private balcony overlooking the lake, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature’s beauty. Ba Be Lakeside Bungalow is the only accommodation system situated in the “Lakeside” area of Ba Be Lake. Imagine sitting on your balcony, savoring the incredible flavors of nature—the lake in front and a primitive forest at the back.

3. A Sim Ba Be Lake

Address: Pac Nghe, Ba Be, Bac Kan

Phone: 0911 000 186


Room rate:

  • Deluxe Twin Room: 990,000VND/Night
  • Deluxe King Room: 1,200,000VND/Night

Nestled on the shores of a serene lake, A Sim Ba Be offers breathtaking views and tranquility. Imagine waking up to the gentle lapping of water and lush green surroundings. Indulge in authentic Vietnamese flavors at the onsite restaurant. Don’t miss the chance to savor local dishes while overlooking the picturesque lake. The hotel features soundproofed rooms for a peaceful night’s rest. Enjoy modern amenities like free WiFi, flat-screen TVs, and private bathrooms with showers.

4. Saigon-Ba Be Resort

Address: Administrative area, National Park, Khang Ninh, Ba Be, Bac Kan


Room rate:

  • Superior Twin Room: 1,250,000VND/Night

Saigon-Ba Be Resort in Ba Be National Park, Vietnam offers a serene lakeside experience. Enjoy breathtaking views of the lake and surrounding greenery. Wake up to the gentle lapping of water. Savor authentic Vietnamese dishes at the onsite restaurant while overlooking the picturesque lake.


Famous Places and Experiences in Ba Be

1. Ba Be National Park

Ba Be National Park, often referred to as Ba Be Lake, is a hidden gem in Bac Can Province, Vietnam. Spanning over 23,000 hectares, the park boasts waterfalls, deep rivers, valleys, and caves set against towering peaks. Ba Be Lake itself is a tranquil expanse of water, connected by wide channels, perfect for a relaxing boat trip.

Ba Be National Park

Ba Be National Park is a complex of rivers, lakes, and lowland evergreen forests nourished by three rivers. It hosts 1,268 plant species, including rare ones listed in the Red Book of Vietnam and the World. Explore tribal villages of the Tay, Dzao, and Hmong minorities within the park. Immerse yourself in their unique traditions.

2. Hua Ma Cave

Hua Ma Cave is a captivating wonder within Ba Be National Park in Bac Kan Province, Vietnam. Hidden amidst the Co Don Mountain, Hua Ma Cave boasts impressive stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes and sizes. The cave’s ceiling reaches heights of 40 to 50 meters, creating an awe-inspiring environment. Inside, it’s cool and quiet—ideal for escaping the heat during summer. The silence adds to its mystique, making every footstep echo as you explore.

3. Dau Dang Waterfall

Dau Dang Waterfall

Dau Dang waterfall is a stunning attraction in Ba Be National Park. The water cascades over large rocks, forming white foam and mist. The waterfall is surrounded by lush vegetation and wildlife. The waterfall is a sacred site for the local Tay people, who believe it is the home of the water god. They often perform rituals and offerings at the waterfall to pray for good luck and prosperity. The waterfall is accessible by boat or trekking, offering different levels of challenge and excitement. You can also enjoy swimming, fishing, or picnicking by the waterfall.

4. Puong Cave

Puong Cave is formed by the erosion of the Nang River, creating a 300-meter long tunnel through the limestone mountain. The cave has a height of up to 50 meters and a width of 30 meters, making it one of the largest and most impressive caves in Vietnam. Puong Cave is adorned with various shapes and sizes of stalactites and stalagmites, some of which are over 40 meters high. The cave also has many chambers and niches that create a mysterious atmosphere. The best way to access the cave is by taking a boat ride along the Nang River, which offers scenic views of the surrounding nature. You can also enjoy the cool breeze and the refreshing water as you glide through the cave.

What to Taste in Ba Be? Top delicious dishes that make you enthralled.

1. Grilled fish 

Due to its lack of a fishy smell, Grilled Ho Fish is a favorite dish of many tourists. It is only the size of a finger, but it has a fragrant and alluring flavor. The head, bones, and meat are all edible. The fish is pre-processed, washed, and lightly seasoned with turmeric, salt, pepper, and chili to harden the skin. It is then tightly clamped with a bamboo stick and grilled over charcoal for about 15 minutes, turning the fish occasionally, until the skin is just golden brown and the meat is tender but fragrant.

2.  Wild banana

Bananas from Ba Be Lake are sold by a number of vendors in the reception area, which is located near the lake’s entrance gate, as you make your way to Ao Tien. Bananas are cultivated with tall stems and oblong, attractive fruits on the mountains surrounding the lake, which not only create lovely scenery but can also be used as gifts or medicine. Even though a dish is simple, you will undoubtedly be surprised when you eat it.

3. Dried pork meat

Dried pork meat

People from the Tay tribe who live close to Ba Be Lake frequently pack the meat into baskets or baskets to take into the forest, where it is then hung on the stove to smoke every day from the wood stove smoke. The meat has a yellow-black color after being smoked. To this day, however, this unique meat dish that hangs in the kitchen is a must-have specialty at every wine party, as well as on occasions when distinguished guests are welcomed, on holidays, or on other significant days.

4. “Don” Vegetables

A type of wild vegetable that frequently grows in moist areas close to rock crevices is “Don” Vegetables. This vegetable is widely used because it is accessible and has health benefits. You will undoubtedly try this dish while visiting Ba Be in order to get a better sense of the local way of life.

5. Mang Vau

Mang Vau is a type of bitter bamboo shoot that the Bac Kan people mix with a mildly spicy flavor. There are many different dishes that can be made with bamboo shoots, but tourists are particularly drawn to boiled bamboo shoots dipped in shrimp paste, lemon, garlic, and chili. Visitors can truly experience the unique bitter, spicy flavors of this mountain and forest dish by eating Mang Vau.

Vietnam Private Car

Visitors can always learn something new about the beautiful nature in the northern mountains thanks to Ba Be tourism. If you enjoy the outdoors, this is a place you will most definitely return to. Allow Vietnam Private Car to become your dependable travel companion, leading you through each stage of exploration and assisting you in creating lifelong memories during Ba Be journey.


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