Address: 179B Le Hong Phong, Long Hoa, Binh Thuy, Can Tho.

Can Tho International

When you arrive by plane in this city, your first stop will be Can Tho Airport. Can Tho Airport has served as a bridge connecting the Southwest with provinces and cities both domestically and internationally, giving it a strategic position due to its location in the major economic center in the Southwest area. Before boarding any flight, domestic or international, we should be fully acquainted with the layout of Can Tho International Airport to ensure easy navigation and avoid confusion. Let’s find out!

How far is it from the airport to Can Tho?

Depending on traffic, the distance between Can Tho Airport and Can Tho Center is barely 7 kilometers, taking approximately 15 minutes to reach. Passengers can use Highway 91 or Highway 91B to the outlying areas, or they can take the Vo Van Kiet route to the city center.

Can Tho International Airport to Can Tho Center

Below is the distance from Phu Bai International Airport to famous Hue tourist destinations, visited by many people:

  • Binh Thuy Ancient house: 5km from the airport
  • Cai Rang Floating market: 22 km from the airport
  • Can Tho Love Bridge: 11.3km from the airport
  • Ninh Kieu Wharf: 10.7km from the airport
  • Truc Lam Zen Monastery: 17.8km from the airport
  • Azerai Can Tho Resort: 12km from the airport
  • Can Tho Ecolodge Resort: 16.6km from the airport
  • Ong Pagoda: 6km from the airport

Some important amenities and services at Can Tho International Airport.

Can Tho International Airport

1. Currency Conversion Service.

At the moment, currency exchange services are not offered by Can Tho International Airports. You can use various methods for exchanging currencies.

For those who require it, we also provide cash conversion services if you decide to employ Vietnam Private Car services. Use the airport shuttle provided by the business.

2. Phone sim card service.

Currently at Can Tho International Airport, Can Tho still does not provide a SIM buying service. You can contact to buy SIMs at locations in the center of Can Tho City.

Address refer:

  1. Address: 476 Thoi Thuan B Hamlet, Thoi Lai Town, Thoi Lai District, CTCT city. Phone: 2926256098
  2. Address: No. 210, Tran Phu Street, Cai Khe Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City. Phone: 2926251112
  3. Address: Nhon Loc 1 Hamlet, Phong Dien Town, Phong Dien District, Can Tho City. Phone: 2926255022

3. Station utility services

At the moment, the Can Tho airport terminal offers a wide range of services to ensure that travelers have the greatest possible wait time for their flight.

  • Services for meals and rest.
  • Free wifi service.
  • Parking, automobile hire, and cash withdrawal services.
  • A Mekong Delta specialty retail sector.
  • Business lounge amenities.

How to get from Can Tho International Airport to Can Tho City.

One of the following methods will get you from Can Tho International Airport to the hotel where you can check in or to other popular spots in Can Tho:

1. Take a taxi from Can Tho International Airport

There are numerous transportation options available at Can Tho Airport because it serves as a major traffic link in the southern region. Can Tho cab is a well-liked kind of transportation that offers a range of services among them. In the public area of Terminals T1 and T2, taxis are stationed to wait for passengers on the first level. This makes it convenient for you to select and utilize the service based on your requirements. Numerous well-known taxi services, including Mai Linh Can Tho Taxi, Mekong Can Tho Taxi, Vinasun Can Tho Taxi, and others, are available directly outside the airport lobby. Taxis are readily available at any time of day.

The price refers: 12,000 – 15,000VND/km

Please carry a couple of Can Tho cab phone numbers in your pocket in case you need them:

  • Mai Linh Taxi: 0292.
  • MeKong Can Tho Taxi: 0292.
  • VinaSun Taxi: 0292.

2. Travel from the airport to the city center by bus

Travel by Bus

The bus is also the cheapest means of transportation to move from Can Tho airport to the center. This is a great option for visitors who bring a lot of luggage, and suitable for small groups.

Some bus routes depart from Can Tho airport that you can save in your Travel Guide such as:

  • Can Tho Airport – Central bus station route with a frequency of 10 – 15 minutes/trip.
  • Can Tho Airport – Phong Dien Town route with a frequency of 10 – 15 minutes/trip.
  • Can Tho – O Mon route with a frequency of 15 minutes/trip.

The price refers: 15,000VND – 20,000VND/route.

3. Use a Private car Services.

For travelers, renting a private vehicle is an excellent alternative to utilizing a cab. Along with the many other advantages that come with hiring a private vehicle, such as guaranteeing tourists’ privacy, timely pickup and drop-off, expert drivers who may serve as tour guides in the area, and many more features. When employing private automobile rental services, cost is another rational consideration.

Vietnam Private Car

Vietnam Private Car is a business that specializes in offering expert shuttle services with a professional driving crew that guarantees friendliness and safety. We promise you a fulfilling and joyful journey. For a comprehensive journey, reserve the service in advance with Vietnam Private Car. Let’s take a tour of the stunning city.

Link refer: Can Tho International Airport

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