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Dong Hoi Airport

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Quang Binh is famous for the system of limestone caves such as: Phong Nha Cave, Paradise Cave, En Cave, Tu Lan Cave … Especially, the biggest cave in the world: Son Doong Cave.

Dong Hoi Airport transfer

Dong Hoi Airport

Son Doong Cave:

Formed in Carboniferous/Permian limestone, the main Sơn Đoòng cave passage is the largest known cave passage in the world by volume – 38.4×106 cubic metres (1.36×109 cu ft), according to Howard Limbert. It is more than 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) long, 200 metres (660 ft) high and 150 metres (490 ft) wide. Its cross-section is believed to be twice that of the next largest passage, in Deer Cave, Malaysia. The cave runs for approximately 9 kilometres (5.6 mi) and is punctuated by 2 large dolines, which are areas where the ceiling of the cave has collapsed. The dolines allow sunlight to enter sections of the cave, resulting in the growth of trees as well as other vegetation.

Private car to Son Doong

Son Doong Cave

By mid 2019, it’s been revealed that the cave has connection by it’s underwater river, with a near cave called “Hang Thung“. With that reavel, the cave add to its volume more than 1.6 million cubic metres . 

Private car to Son Doong

Hang Son Doong

The cave contains some of the tallest known stalagmites in the world, which are up to 70 m tall. Behind the Great Wall of Vietnam were found cave pearls the size of baseballs, an abnormally large size.

Quang Binh Airport transfer

Phong Nha Cave

Nowadays, Quang Binh welcomes millions of traveler each year. Dong Hoi Airport Transfer is best choice for travelers who would like to start the adventure tour here.

Dong Hoi Airport Transfer

Paradise Cave and Phong Nha Cave Tour

Upon arrival Dong Hoi Airport, you can take our private car transfer service to Dong Hoi City center or hotel/farm stay in Phong Nha. Our driver will wait for you at arrival gate with welcome board printed your name!

Cave Tour Quang Binh

Largest/Tallest Cave – Son Doong Cave

Please choose the private car transfer service as below. If it’s not match with your expectation, please drop us an email. Our team will help you for this booking request in soonest.

Private car service at Dong Hoi Airport:

Dong Hoi Airport Transfer

Phong Nha to Dong Hoi by Private Car

1 Giờ
Phong Nha to Dong Hoi airport: After having a great time with “cave party”, you want to come back home or visit other cities in Vietnam. It is...
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830,000 VNĐ

Dong Hoi Airport to Phong Nha by Private Car

Dong Hoi Airport to Phong Nha by private car  Vietnam Locals driver pick you up at the airport with the private car in professional way....
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600,000 VND / Car

Dong Hoi Airport to Hotel

Dong Hoi Airport to Hotel in Dong Hoi City If you need a transport from Dong Hoi airport to your hotel in Dong Hoi city center or beach hotel...
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Dong Hoi Airport to Phong Nha

1 hour
Dong Hoi Airport to Phong Nha  Nowadays, it’s not safe at all when many transportation problems happen at the airport in Vietnam such as...
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