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Every year, Vietnam Locals Travel CO., LTD always recruit the following candidates:

1..Undergraduate students: (Internship)

The company always welcomes students from 1st year of foreign languages ​​(English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean) to practice. With a dynamic working environment, learning a variety of tasks, students will be trained by the team leader in their office skills and professional skills. If students do well to be assigned by the team leader, you will receive the reward worthy of your efforts.

2.. Graduates with no previous experience (Graduates)

We always welcome new graduates who have no experience in the field of work, but have a basic orientation in their field of tourism, the company will recruit and train based on strengths that the village Body you have. Orientation and allocation of positions of work appropriate, professional, specialized to work effectively bring the most. Company locations always welcome:
A. Sales Online tour inbound
B. Inbound tour operator
C. Executive Marketing

3..Experienced (Professional)

Vietnam Locals need to recruit experienced tourism applicants who have at least 1 year of experience working in a tourism environment. Especially prefer you have had experience working in HCM, HN or other provinces. Positions of companies looking to recruit:
A. Sales Online tour inbound
B. Inbound tour operator
C. Executive Marketing
D. Sales Manager / Manager inbound tour
E. Director of the Northern or Southern Branches.

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