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Top places to visit in Hoi An and surroundings

Top places to visit in Hoi An

top places to visit in Hoi An

There are a lot of famous sites in the ancient town of Hoi An that attract thousands of tourists. However, it may be hard to visit all of them during your travel to Vietnam. Here, we have included top places to visit in Hoi An which you should not miss.


top places to visit in Hoi An• Japanese Covered Brigde: Built in the former Japanese quarter, Chua Cau, the early 17th century Japanese Covered Brigde, is now a precious cultural asset and unique and beloved symbol of Hoian people.


top places to visit in Hoi An• Old House of Quan Thang (77 Tran Phu St.): This house is three centuries old and was built by a Chinese captain. As usual, the architecture includes Japanese and Chinese elements.


top places to visit in Hoi An• Old House of Tan Ky (101 Nguyen Thai Hoc St.) Built two centuries ago by an ethnically Vietnamese family, this gem of a house has been lovingly preserved through seven generations.


top places to visit in Hoi An• Old House of Phung Hung (4 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai St.): Just a few steps down from the Japanese Covered Brigde, this old house use has a wide welcoming entrance hall decorated with exquisite lanterns, wall hanging and embroidery. There is also an impressive suspended altar.


top places to visit in Hoi An• Temple of Quan Cong (7 Tran Phu St.) Founded in 1653, this small temple is dedicated to Quan Cong, an esteemed Chinese general who is worshipped as a symbol of loyalty, sincerity, intergrity and justice.


top places to visit in Hoi An• Chinese Fujjien Assembly Hall (46 Tran Phu St.) Originally a traditional assembly hall, this structure was later transformed into a temple for the worship of Thien Hau, a deity from Fujian Province.


top places to visit in Hoi An• Chinese Trieu Chau Assembly Hall (157 Nguyen Duy Hieu St.): This assembly hall was built by Chinese merchants to worship the God of the oceans in the 19th century. This God protected sailors from the rough East Sea.


top places to visit in Hoi An• Chinese Cantonese Assembly Hall (176 Tran Phu St.) This colorful Quang Trieu (Cantonese) Assembly Hall was established in the year 1885. Records say that the Chinese Cantonese merchants built this hall. The different parts of the building are seperately made in China. After finishing the work, those parts were transferred here and joined together to build the Quang Trieu (Cantonese) Assembly Hall in Hoian.


top places to visit in Hoi An• Tran Family Ancestors Worship House (21 Le Loi St.): Built for worshipping family ancestors, this chapel dates back to 1802. It was commissioned by Tran Ty, one of the clan who ascended to the rank of mandarin and served as an ambassador to China.


top places to visit in Hoi An• Hoian Museum of History and Culture (7 Nguyen Hue St.): Housed in the Quan Am Pagoda, this museum represent Hoian historic development through its orginal religious and daily lift artifacts and valuable documents.


top places to visit in Hoi An• Hoian Museum of Trade Ceramics (80 Tran Phu St.) Occupies a restored wooden house and contains a nice and rare collection from the “Old Ceramic Road on the Sea” in the 16th and 17th centuries when Hoian was an international thriving commercial center.


top places to visit in Hoi An• Museum of Sa Huynh Culture (149 Tran Phu St.): With its archaelogical artifacts dating thoundsand of years, the museum of Sa huynh Culture proves the existence and brilliant development of a pre – Champa civilization in Hoian.


top places to visit in Hoi An• Hoian Museum of Folk Culture (33 Nguyen Thai Hoc St.): This museum has collected over 600 objects. All of these objects are original, sorted by topics: folkfore, traditional occupation, traditional clothing, folklore games. Interestingly introduces a part of Hoian cultural characteristics.


top places to visit in Hoi An• Hoian Handicraft Workshop (9 Nguyen Thai Hoc St.) Housed in a 200 years old Chinese trading house, the Handicraft Workshop has artisans making silk typical tourist – oriented cultural show with traditional singers, dancers and musicians. It makes a sufficiently diverting break from sightseeing.

Beside top places to visit in Hoi An, here is best places to visit around Hoi An:

• Folk Arts Performance: The traditional art performance includes Aspara dance, Cham dance, folk dance and Vietnamese opera.


top places to visit in Hoi An• Kim Bong Carpentery Village: This is the most notable for its carpentry (including cabinet making and shipbuilding) and traditional woodworking products. It is a lovely tour into the countryside to see the local craftworker.


top places to visit in Hoi An• Thanh Ha Pottery Village: The Thanh Ha Pottery Village is a famous example of establishment that aims at furthering tradition as well as employment. When visiting the village you can learn how to make pottery and visit the pottery museum.


top places to visit in Hoi An• Tra Que Vegetable Village: Tra Que Vegetable Village is a community and famous because the farmers neither use manure nor chemical fertilisers but a kind of algae found only in a lagoon in Tra Que. As a result, the vegetables both look beautiful in their fields as well as possessing outstanding taste and flavour.


top places to visit in Hoi An• Cam Thanh Coconut Palm Village: Famous for its water coconut palm trees, it has become a lovely spot for bicycle lovers. A ride through the countryside, to the water coconut palm trees, with a stop to try the famous round boats and see the local fisherman throwing their nets in a unique way.


top places to visit in Hoi An• Cham Island: This island group is a marine and national park and has been studied for years for marine life and biodiversity. In the last years Cham Island has become one of the most popular day tour destination. It’s a lovely get a way for a day trip to go snorkelling or driving.


top places to visit in Hoi An• My Son Hollyland: My Son was once the most important intellectual and religious centre of the kingdom of Champa and may also have served as a burial place for Cham monarchs. It was rediscovered in the late 19th century by the French, who restored parts of the complex, but American bombing later devasteted the temples. Today it is a UNESCO World Heritage site.


top places to visit in Hoi An• Marble Moutain: Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son) consist of five craggy marble outcrops topped with pagodas and caves.


top places to visit in Hoi An• Da Nang City: Nowhere in Vietnam is changing as fast as Da Nang. For decades it had a reputation as a provincial backwater, but big changes are ongoing. Stroll along the Han riverfront and you’ll find gleaming new modernist buildings and restaurants are emerging.


top places to visit in Hoi An• Hue Ancient City: This deeply evocative capital of the Nguyen Emperors still resonates with the glories of imperial Vietnam, even though many of its finest buildings were destroyed during the American War. Hue owes its charm partly to its location on the Perfume River – picturesque on a clear day, atmospheric even in less flattering weather.


Some ways to travel to Hoi An:

Danang to Hoian by private car

Hue to Hoian by private car

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