• Address: Cat Tan commune, Phu Cat district, Binh Dinh province
Phu Cat International Airport

The first place you will arrive at if you decide to fly to Quy Nhon is Phu Cat Airport. Let Vietnam Private Car assist you in earning some gratuities.

How far is Phu Cat Airport to Quy Nhon City?

The distance and kind of vehicle required to get to Phu Cat Airport from Quy Nhon’s city center is approximately 35 kilometers, and it can take 45 to 50 minutes. Please review the guidelines as they are presented below:

Phu Cat Airport to Quy Nhon City

Below is the distance from Phu Cat Airport to famous tourist destinations, visited by many people:

Tourist attractionDistance
Eo Gio35km
Ky Co39km
Hon Kho40km
FLC Quy Nhon33km
Cu Lao Xanh54km
Phu Cat Airport to famous tourist destinations

How to get from Phu Cat Airport to Quy Nhon City?

1. Traditional taxi from Phu Cat Airport

You have the option of taking a taxi, which might be quite convenient. For small parties or families, taxis are an efficient and practical mode of transportation. At Quy airport, a wide variety of taxi services are in operation: Mai Linh, Phu Cat, Xanh Taxi, …

The refer price: 200,000VND – 300,000VND/trip (depending on trips)

2. Travel from the airport to the city center by bus.

Phu Cat International Airport

The bus is a reasonable choice for individuals and fewer groups with minimal luggage. It can help you save money on your trips. Quy Nhon bus stops right in the yard in front of the arrival terminal gate. The one-way bus ticket price from the airport to Quy Nhon city center is 50,000 VND/per person, with an operating time of 30 minutes/trip from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. daily.

3. Phu Cat Airport shuttle bus.

Phu Cat International Airport

A good choice for big parties with lots of luggage is the shuttle service. You won’t have to wait around for a car to go to your accommodations because of this mode of transportation. However, depending on the vehicle, the service can cost anywhere from 350,000 to 2,100,000 VND per trip.

4. Rent a private car from transportation services in Quy Nhon.

You also have the option of renting a private vehicle, which is appropriate for both people and groups, to get from Quy Nhon airport. When you travel, renting a private vehicle is more comfortable and convenient. You can plan your own schedule and visit the locations you want to see. Additionally, a competent driver can assist you in moving quickly and safely when you book a private vehicle. There are no worries regarding directions, parking, or paying for parking.

Vietnam Private Car

If you are looking for some rental car services, a rental service from Vietnam Private Car will be a worthy choice for you. Modern car options abound from Vietnam Private Car: SUVs, VANs, Lim Mice, etc. When you get at your destination safely, our driver will be there to pick you up at the airport using a pick-up board. Furthermore, We will apply fair rates for your travels. Now let’s get in touch with us!

Link refer: Phu Cat Airport, Quy Nhon

Services and facilities at Phu Cat Airport.

  • Water to drink and free wifi
  • Playground for kids in quarantine area 2, close to the CIAS corporate eatery and airplane gate number 05 (GATE-05).
  • The second-floor lounge area, which is close to the Airport Management Board’s aircraft gate number 01 (GATE-01) and a few franchised shops and restaurants, offers dining and shopping options as well as souvenirs. Others like ACV UNICO, CIAS Company, and Song Viet Restaurant…
  • Furthermore, Phu Cat airport offers additional ancillary services including giving medical attention, special passenger assistance, and tourism information.
  • Guidelines for checking in (procedures)

Currency Conversion Service

The airports in Phu Cat do not currently offer currency conversion facilities. You can contact your hotels in order to convert currencies.

We also provide cash exchange services for clients who require them when using Vietnam Private Car‘s services, should you decide to use them. Use the airport shuttle provided by the business.

Use phone sim card service.

Quy Nhon does not currently offer a Sim purchase service at Phu Cat airport. Sim can be purchased at locations in Quy Nhon City’s core.

Some refer stores:

  • CHTT Hung Vuong: 795-797 Hung Vuong, Quy Nhon, Binh Dinh, Phone: 2566269269
  • CHTT BDH Building, Viettel Building: 01 Dinh Bo Linh – Le Loi Ward – Quy Nhon City – Binh Dinh Province. Phone: 2566252888
  • MobiFone Store: 156 Tay Son, Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh City

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