Beneath the peaceful facade of Vietnam’s landscape, an awe-inspiring testament to human courage and ingenuity remains concealed—the Cu Chi Tunnels. This intricate network of underground passages stands as a poignant reminder of a historic epoch where determination and creativity converged amidst the chaos of conflict. The Cu Chi Tunnels encapsulate the unwavering spirit of a people who refused to surrender. Join Vietnam Local Travel & Transport on an expedition into this captivating subterranean realm, where the essence of an era marked by resourcefulness and resilience comes alive.

  1. The Best Time for Cu Chi Tunnels:

The Cu Chi Tunnels can be visited throughout the year, but the best time to visit is during the dry season, which typically runs from November to April. The weather is more comfortable during this time, with lower humidity and a lower chance of rain. However, even during the wetter months, visiting the tunnels is still possible and can provide a unique experience.

Opening hours: Daily from 7:00AM to 17:00PM

Cu Chi Tunnels
  1. Location and How to Get There:

The Cu Chi Tunnels are located in the Cu Chi District, approximately 70 kilometers northwest of Ho Chi Minh City (formerly known as Saigon), Vietnam. Travelers can reach this historic site by various means, including organized tours, private cars, or public buses. The journey takes around 1.5 to 2 hours, offering glimpses of rural Vietnamese life along the way.

Sai Gon to Cu Chi Tunnels
  1. Explore Cu Chi Tunnel Complex

There are two main sections of the Cu Chi Tunnels that you can explore: Ben Duoc Tunnels  and Ben Dinh Tunnels.

3.1. Ben Duoc Tunnels:

Spanning an expansive 100 hectares, the Cu Chi Ben Duoc Tunnels present a lesser-known, yet enthralling, counterpart to the Ben Dinh Tunnels. Adventure enthusiasts are drawn to Ben Duoc’s immersive experience, where crawling through extended and fortified tunnels offers a visceral connection to Saigon’s underground history. These pathways, once fraught with peril, have been cemented and illuminated for safer exploration, with emergency exits every 10 meters.

The way down to the second floor of the tunnel

*Please note that this activity is not recommended for those who have breathing problems, high blood pressure, or claustrophobia. 

Beyond being an arena for audacious exploration, Ben Duoc stands as a sanctuary of reflection. Among its hidden corners stand the Hoang Cam kitchen and the Ben Duoc Memorial Temple, monuments of sustenance and homage, reminding us of the tenacity that etched these tunnels into history.

3.2. Ben Dinh Tunnels:

Enlarged and reconstructed, the Ben Dinh Tunnels brim with vitality, drawing crowds to their historic embrace within Cu Chi’s network. Set by the Saigon River, their strategic position was once an escape route for Cu Chi Commissioners and troops during emergencies, echoing tales of a past from 1968 to 1975.

Upon arrival, a thatched hut opens a portal to history—maps, layouts, and documentaries setting the stage. Venture into the jungle with local guides, unraveling the secrets of perilous traps. Submerged within for 45 minutes to an hour, the underground journey unveils aged relics and captivating demonstrations, painting vivid portraits of those who once resided here.

Ben Dinh Tunnels
  1. Things to Do in Cu Chi Tunnels:

Aside from exploring the tunnels themselves, there are several activities and attractions to enjoy in the Cu Chi Tunnels area:

4.1. Sightsee the Military liberation zone’s reenactment areas

Step into history’s embrace at the Military Liberation Zone’s reenactment areas. Reliving the tumultuous period of 1961 to 1972 in South Vietnam, these sections offer a vivid glimpse into the lives of guerrilla soldiers and resilient Cu Chi locals. With poignant authenticity, they unveil scenes of wartime struggles and desolate villages marred by toxic chemicals and bombardment, immersing you in a visceral journey through time.

4.2. Play Shooting Guns and Paintball Guns

Shooting Guns: Experience the life of a soldier, honing your sharpshooting prowess at the military shooting range. With expert guidance, select from a range of historically accurate firearms. After thorough instruction, target animal-shaped boards and embrace the precision demanded in wartime. As you hit your mark, immerse yourself in the bygone era’s essence and relish the exhilaration it brings.

Shooting Guns

Paintball Guns: Infuse sport with strategy in an action-packed paintball game, infused with a military essence. While offering relaxation, the game enhances teamwork, coordination, and fitness. Outfitted as a genuine warrior, clad in masks and uniforms, wield modern AK47 or AR15 paintball guns—unique to Cu Chi Tunnels. Traverse scenarios mirroring real battlegrounds, embodying a forest warrior’s adrenaline rush. Completely secure yet captivating, this paintball adventure ignites imagination and guarantees an unforgettable visit.

Paintball Guns

4.3. Try the Cu Chi Ben Duoc Tunnels’ swimming pool.

Visitors can immerse themselves in the crystal-clear, cool water and engage in water sports at the Cu Chi swimming pool, which replicates the East Sea, after the tunnel tours and military exercises.

Swimming pool

4.4. Adventure Game Area

Embarking on the adventure game at Cu Chi Tunnels is an electrifying journey into history and thrill. From heart-pounding Tarzan jumps to soaring zipline slides and daring highwire traverses, each moment is a fusion of excitement and historical immersion. As you swing through the air, glide along ziplines, and conquer highwire challenges, you’re not only engaging in adrenaline-pumping activities but also reliving the ingenuity and courage of those who once navigated these tunnels. It’s an unforgettable experience where the past and present collide in a rush of exhilaration.

Adventure Game

4.5. Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station

Situated between Ben Dinh and Ben Duoc, about 8 kilometers from the tourist hub, the Cu Chi Wildlife Rescue Station encompasses a vast 4,000 square meters, standing as the largest rescue center in southern Vietnam. Established in 2006, this sanctuary embodies a courageous mission to protect over 5,500 rare animal species teetering on the edge of extinction in Vietnam. The station offers refuge to vulnerable creatures, battered by relentless trapping and prolonged abuse. By visiting this haven, you not only support these endangered animals and their dedicated caretakers but also gain insight into the vital significance of nature conservation.

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