Address: Doan Ket Commune, Van Don District, Quang Ninh Province

Van Don International Airport

Van Don International Airport is the first privately owned airport in Vietnam, located in Van Don district, Quang Ninh province. With its strategic geographical location, the airport acts as a bridge for trade, economics, and tourism between Quang Ninh Province and other domestic and international regions. With a location close to Ha Long Bay, one of the world’s most famous tourist destinations, Van Don Airport mainly serves international and domestic tourists visiting this area. Van Don Airport plays an important role in stimulating the local economy and development of the tourism industry, helping to create job opportunities and attract investment from related businesses.

1. Major airlines at Van Don airport

  • Domestic routes: Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, and Bamboo Airways are 3 airlines operating flights to Van Don with 2 domestic routes Ho Chi Minh City-Van Don and Da Nang-Van Don.
  • International routes: Van Don Airport is currently not officially accepting regular commercial flights but is only accepting charter flights from Shenzhen (China), Taipei (Taiwan), Busan (Korea), Osaka (Japan), … are operated by airlines: Vietjet Air, Donghai Airlines, Air Busan, Japan Airlines,

2. How far is it from the airport to Ha Long Center?

Van Don Airport is about 60 km from Ha Long Center. Traveling from Van Don Airport to Ha Long will take about 60–90 minutes, depending on the vehicle and route you choose. In addition, the airport is about 90 km from Mong Cai City, also a famous Quang Ninh tourist destination, located next to Cai Rong town and the Ha Long-Van Don-Mong Cai highway.

Van Don International Airport to Ha Long Center

3. How to move from the airport to the Ha Long center.

1. Use bus service to go from the airport to the Ha Long center.

There are currently 2 free bus trips at the airport: route 14A (from Lan Be park gate to Van Don airport) and route 14B (from Sun World Amusement Park gate to Van Don Airport). Travelers from Van Don airport to Ha Long can choose this option to save on travel costs.

Bus service

2. Travel by taxi from the airport to the Ha Long Center.

Taxis are a type of service vehicle with many advantages, such as flexible routes according to your needs, quick travel, and customer service that is always highly appreciated—the average cost for a trip from the airport to the city center. Ha Long will range from 400,000 – 700,000 VND.

Information on some reputable taxi companies in Quang Ninh that you can refer to:

  • Taxi Trip Van Don: 1900 4774 – Fee from 9,000 VND/km
  • Phu Binh Taxi: 020 33 599 599 – Fee from 10,000 VND/km
  • Sao Quang Ninh Taxi: 0203 822 822 – Fee from 10,000 VND/km
  • Sao Mai Taxi: 020 38 27 27 27 – Fee from 10,000 VND/km
  • Van Don Xanh Taxi: 020 33 533 533 – Fee from 10,000 VND/km
  • Mai Linh Taxi: 0203 731 731 – Fee from 11,000 VND/km
  • Mong Cai Taxi: 020 33 883 883 – Fee from 11,000 VND/km
Taxi service

3. Use a private car service from the airport to the Ha Long center

Besides using buses and taxis, using private car services is a reasonable choice. Using a private car shuttle service from Van Don Airport to Ha Long Center can bring many advantages and conveniences to passengers.

  • Convenience and flexibility: Accurate pick-up and drop-off points: Users can choose pick-up and drop-off points according to their wishes, increasing schedule flexibility.
  • Safety and Security: Safety standards: Personal vehicle services often have high safety standards, ensuring users move safely.
  • Driver information: Users can know in advance information about the driver, such as name, avatar, and license plate, helping to increase security.
  • Save time: Less waiting time: Compared to public transportation, private car service helps reduce waiting time and travel time.
  • Convenient payment: Electronic payment: Users can conveniently pay for services via mobile applications, credit cards, or e-wallets.
  • 24/7 service: Available at all times: Personal car services are usually available 24/7, helping users move at any time, even when there are sudden changes in the schedule.
  • Evaluation and feedback capabilities: Feedback from users: Users can rate and leave feedback about drivers, helping to improve service quality and create a competitive environment.
  • Ability to closely monitor: Distance tracking: Users can track the distance traveled through the mobile application, helping them control and manage their trips.

To sum up, hiring a private vehicle shuttle service to get from Van Don Airport to Ha Long Center can be a practical and comfortable choice. However, it’s crucial to shop around and compare services to make sure you’re getting the best deal possible. One of the companies that specializes in offering door-to-door services and transportation is Vietnam Private Car. With so many amenities at your disposal, Vietnam Private Car is delighted to assist and collaborate with you. To reserve and utilize preferred automobile services, please get in touch with Vietmam Private Car right away.

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4. Some important amenities and services at Van Don airport

Van Don International Airport
  • Within the airport, passengers can use free amenities such as a phone charging station, a purified water fountain, and 24-hour wifi access.
  • The airport has restaurants serving a variety of Vietnamese and world dishes: Big Bowl Restaurant and Lucky Cafe & Fastfood.
  • You can shop for local products or souvenirs at retail stalls and duty-free shops such as Duty-Free Store, Airport Shopping, etc. in the lobby area on the 2nd floor of the passenger terminal.
  • In addition, Van Don Airport also has a number of other convenient services, such as medical services, luggage packing, ATMs, foreign exchange,…
  • Some famous attractions that you can visit when landing at Van Don airport are Ha Long Bay (51km away), Bai Chay Beach (53km away), Yen Tu Mountain (90km away), and Tuan Chau Island (72 km away).

Currency Conversion Service

The airports in Van Don do not currently offer currency conversion facilities. You can contact your hotels to convert currencies.

We also provide cash exchange services for clients who require them when using Vietnam Private Car‘s services, should you decide to use them. Use the airport shuttle provided by the business.

Use phone sim card service.

Currently, Van Don airport does not have an area for using and exchanging services such as phone SIM cards. Therefore, visitors can perform this service at phone centers or nearby phone stores.

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