Welcome to Da Nang, Vietnam, a city known for its breathtaking coastline, fascinating culture, and extensive history. When visiting Danang, which is neither as opulent nor as sophisticated as Saigon or Hanoi, you will notice the mingling of “old” and “present” elements in the locals’ daily lives and architecture.

Where should stay when traveling to Danang.

1. InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort

Address: Tho Quang, Hai Chau, Da Nang

Phone: 0236 3938 888

Website: https://www.intercontinental.com

5-star standard

Room rate:

  • Classic Room with Two Queen Beds with Panoramic Sea View: 13,544,879VND/night – 16,309,140VND/night
  • Suite with King Bed, Terrace and Ocean View:  14,208,399VND/night – 18,907,643VND/night

Nestled on a private bay, this resort offers breathtaking views of the Son Tra Peninsula and the East Sea. It features luxurious rooms, private villas, gourmet dining options, a spa, and a range of recreational activities.

2.  Four Points by Sheraton Danang

Address: 120 Vo Nguyen Giap, Street, Son Tra, Da Nang 

Phone: 0236 3997 979

Website: https://www.fourpointsdanang.com.vn/

5-star standard

Room rate:

  • Superior Twin Room, City View, Balcony: 2,370,000VND/night – 3,780,000VND/night
  • Superior Room 1 King Bed, Sea View, Balcony: 2,700,000VND/night-4,100,000VND/night

Immerse yourself in the heart of Da Nang at Four Points by Sheraton Hotel. This contemporary hotel offers sophisticated rooms, fine dining options, and proximity to the city’s cultural landmarks. Discover the pulse of the city while enjoying the comfort of modern elegance.

3. Fusion Maia Danang

Address: 109 Vo Nguyen Giap, Khue My, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang 

Phone: 0236 3967 999

Website: https://fusionhotelgroup.com/vi/fusion-maia-da-nang-gioi-thieu-chuong-trinh-tri-lieu-chuyen-sau-danh-cho-quy-ong/

5-star standard

Room rate: Starting at 10,000,000VND/night

This unique resort emphasizes wellness and relaxation. Guests can indulge in unlimited spa treatments as part of their stay. The villas and suites are stylishly designed, ensuring a serene and rejuvenating experience.

4. Pullman Danang Beach Resort

Address: Vo Nguyen Giap/101 Ward, Street, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang

Phone: 0236 3958 888

Website: https://www.pullman-danang.com/vi/

5-star standard

Room rate: Starting at 3,900,000VND/night.

This beachfront resort combines contemporary design with a tranquil atmosphere. It offers spacious rooms, excellent dining options, a large pool, a spa, and a range of recreational activities. The location provides easy access to both the beach and the city.

5. Hyatt Regency Danang Resort and Spa

Address:  5 Truong Sa Street, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang 

Phone: 0236 3981 234

Website: https://www.hyatt.com/en-US/hotel/vietnam/hyatt-regency-danang-resort-and-spa/danhr/home/vietnamese

5-star standard

Room rate: Starting at 4,700,000VND-12,000,000VND/night

Overlooking the Marble Mountains and the East Sea, this resort boasts luxurious rooms, private villas, multiple dining options, a spa, fitness facilities, and an impressive infinity pool. The design seamlessly integrates with the natural surroundings, creating a serene ambiance.

Da Nang, Vietnam, a city of breathtaking beauty and rich cultural heritage, beckons you to uncover its diverse attractions.

Here’s a curated list of must-visit places that will make your journey unforgettable:

1. Marble Mountains (Ngu Hanh Son)

  • Address: Hoa Hai Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang, Vietnam
  • Opening Hours: 7:00 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Entrance Ticket: Varies, approximately $2 – $5 per person

Venture into a realm of mystical caves and ancient pagodas at the Marble Mountains. Discover the intricate marble carvings and panoramic views of Da Nang from the mountain’s peaks that will be a memorable experience of this journey.

2. Dragon Bridge

  • Address: Nguyen Van Linh Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang, Vietnam
  • Opening Hours: Accessible at all hours; Dragon breathes fire on weekends (21:00 PM)
  • Entrance Ticket: Free

Witness the awe-inspiring Dragon Bridge, an architectural marvel that comes to life with vibrant lights and fire-breathing displays. The dragon’s fiery performance is a true spectacle and a must-see. And especially Dragon breathes fire on weekends (21:00 PM), let’s make schedules and enjoy these wonderful moments.

3. Hoi An Ancient Town

  • Address: Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province (Approximately 30-minute drive from Da Nang)
  • Opening Hours: 24/7 (Individual shop timings may vary)
  • Entrance Ticket: Varies, approximately $6 – $10 per person
Hoi An Ancient Town

Immerse yourself in the charm of Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for its well-preserved Ancient Town. Explore historic architecture, vibrant lantern-lit streets, and a rich tapestry of cultural experiences. Here, the Hoi AN Memory Show is an impressive point that helps visitors have a deeper understanding of the culture, history, and people in Hoi An.

4. Ba Na Hills

  • Address: An Son Hamlet, Hoa Ninh Commune, Hoa Vang District, Da Nang, Vietnam
  • Opening Hours: 7:00 AM – 21:00 PM
  • Entrance Ticket: Varies based on package, approximately $30 – $50 per person
Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills is far away from Danang 30km, with 25-30 minutes by car, and this is surely a impressive journey for you. Ascend to the enchanting Ba Na Hills via a scenic cable car ride, where you’ll find the Golden Bridge, a French-inspired village, an amusement park, and mesmerizing gardens. A day at Ba Na Hills promises adventure and stunning vistas.

5. My Son Sanctuary

  • Address: Duy Phu Commune, Duy Xuyen District, Quang Nam Province (Approximately 1-hour drive from Da Nang)
  • Opening Hours: 6:30 AM – 17:30 PM
  • Entrance Ticket: Varies, approximately $10 – $15 per person.

Delve into the ancient ruins of My Son Sanctuary, a testament to the Champa Kingdom’s glory. Marvel at the intricately carved temples and immerse yourself in the fascinating history of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Da Nang, Vietnam, is a haven for food enthusiasts, boasting a delectable array of flavors that tantalize the taste buds.

Embark on a culinary adventure and savor these must-try dishes:

1. Mi Quang

Indulge in Mi Quang, a local delicacy that features turmeric-infused rice noodles, topped with succulent shrimp, tender slices of pork, fresh herbs, and roasted peanuts. This dish embodies the vibrant flavors of central Vietnam.

Mi Quang

You can visit the following places:

  • Mi Quang Ba Buy: 19-21 Tran Binh Trong, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
  • Heirloom Mi Quang Thi: 251 Hoang Dieu, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
  • Mi Quang Ba Lu: 32 Nguyen Van Linh, Hai Chau District, Da Nang
  • Reference price: 20,000 – 50,000 VND/bowl

2. Bun Thit Nuong

Treat your taste buds to Bun Thit Nuong, a delightful dish featuring grilled marinated pork served over vermicelli noodles, accompanied by a fragrant mix of fresh herbs, peanuts, and a drizzle of fish sauce.

Bun Thit Nuong

You can visit the following places:

  • Bun thit nuong Ba Van: K23/14 Tran Ke Xuong, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Bun thit nuong Ba Thuyen: K424/03 Le Duan, Chinh Gian, Thanh Khe, Da Nang
  • Bun thit nuong Ngoc: 20 Doan Thi Diem, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Reference price: 15,000 – 35,000 VND/bowl

3. Banh Canh Ruong

Along with the standard banh canh ingredients of rice flour, fish cakes, meat, shrimp, and quail eggs, banh canh in Da Nang differs even more when served with grilled fish. Yellow snapper or tuna are the typical fish used in banh canh. The fish is marinated with spices, grilled, and then pounded before the fish meat is removed and added to the bowl of banh canh.

You can visit the following places:

  • Banh canh ruong at Thuan Phuoc Bridge: Tran Hung Dao – Le Van Duyet intersection, Son Tra District, Da Nang
  • Banh canh ruong Phuong: K27/03 Ngu Hanh Son, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang
  • Reference price: 10,000 – 30,000 VND/bowl

4. Cao Lau

Savor Cao Lau, a unique noodle dish exclusive to Hoi An and Da Nang. Made with chewy noodles, tender slices of roast pork, crispy rice crackers, and a medley of fresh herbs, Cao Lau is a symphony of textures and flavors.

Cao Lau

Famous places selling Cao Lau in Da Nang that you should try:

  • Hoai Pho Cao Lau: 255 Nguyen Chi Thanh, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Hoi An Cao Lau: 172 To Huu, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Huong Sen Vegetarian Cao Lau: 148 Le Thanh Nghi, Hai Chau, Da Nang
  • Reference price: 10,000 – 40,000 VND/bowl

5. Scads Fish Rice Paper Rolls

The full flavor of the fish is preserved by marinating scad meat in spices, wrapping it in foil, and grilling it. Along with it, sweet, crunchy green spinach and a spicy, fatty fish sauce mixture are served. You can taste the sea on the tip of your tongue by biting into a piece of rice paper that has been rolled with scad.

Scads Fish Rice Paper Rolls

You can visit the following places:

  • Scads roll Restaurant: 203 Han Thuyen, Hai Chau District,Danang
  • Han Thuyen 2 scads roll: 143 Tieu La, Hoa Cuong Bac ward, Hai Chau district, Da Nang
  • Hanh Toai scads roll: 72/2 Ham Nghi, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang
  • Reference price: 30,000 – 100,000 VND/serving.

Embark on an exciting journey through Da Nang‘s iconic landmarks and cultural treasures. Marvel at ancient wonders, witness the fiery spectacle of the Dragon Bridge and immerse yourself in the beauty of the Marble Mountains. Plan your adventure today and experience the vibrant allure of Da Nang with Vietnam Private Car. Our services with a professional driver can be a local tour guide for you to have a comfortable and memorable trips.

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