In the enchanting town of Hoi An, Vietnam, where history weaves itself into the very fabric of life, there exists a mesmerizing cultural extravaganza known as the Hoi An Memories Show. Stepping into this captivating world feels like venturing back in time, where ancient legends, vibrant folklore, and rich traditions come alive in a dazzling spectacle of lights, music, and dance. Join an unforgettable journey through the Hoi An Memories Show, a destination that unveils the timeless charm and cultural heritage of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Panorama of Hoi An Memories Island

Set against the picturesque Thu Bon River, the Hoi An Memories Show boasts a grand open-air stage that magnifies the charm of this already picturesque town. As the sun sets and the night sky takes over, the stage comes alive with an aura of mystique, inviting the audience to lose themselves in the unfolding drama. With skilled directors, talented actors, and expert production teams, the show promises a theatrical experience that transcends mere entertainment.

As the curtains rise, a timeless tale unfolds, transporting spectators to a bygone era when Hoi An flourished as a bustling trading port along the Silk Road. The show artfully modern stage staging methods combined with a traditional Vietnamese dish called Ao dai. Hoi An Memories transported spectators back in time. Visit Hoi An again in the 16th and 17th centuries to experience the highs and lows of the town. It contains a 400-year history timeline.

Hoi An Memories show.

The narrative is provided by a weaver girl, and it is broken up into 5 performances over the course of 70 minutes. She leads the audience through each historical period. Along with the love tales connected to this vibrant and charming country of Quang.

Performance 1 – “Sinh Menh”

The opening of the performance is the image throughout the story. The girl sat weaving with flexible hands, a gentle smile on her lips. From there, opening a picture of life blossoming when a new life. Appeared in the burst of happiness of the young couple. From building houses to fishing on the land of Hoi An from 3000 years ago. Over time, the beauty of labor and daily life were gradually incorporated into songs and dances. And become the culture of the ancient Hoi An people. Especially in ” Sinh Menh”, you will be attracted by the vivid performance of the light path. Along with that were 100 girls wearing Ao dai.

Performance 2 – “Dam cuoi”

Princess Huyen Tran’s wedding to Champa King Che Man, which was recreated, is the source of this performance. This is a magnificent performance featuring Hoi An Memories’ most fantastical appearance. The ancient story’s authenticity is preserved despite its splendor, majesty, and shimmer. Following ” Dam cuoi”, the future generation will be reminded of Princess Huyen Tran’s sacrifice through this wedding. She gave up her youth and her relationship for the sake of national peace. You will learn more about the economy, both regarding politics and Hoi An cultural practices through this opulent and magnificent wedding procession.

Performance 3 – “Den va Bien”

” Den va Bien” performance

” Den va Bien” brings visitors to Hoi An in the 16th and 17th centuries in the context of the development of a new economic sector. You’ll be sucked into a heartbreaking love story. The young man was compelled to float on the ocean in order to conduct business with other nations. The sweet girl throws flower lanterns into the Hoai River at night praying for the lover’s speedy return in faithful love to the very end.

Viewers will perceive the true meaning of “nostalgia and worries of people staying and going to the beach” through dance art and light effects. Boat and Sea were a good show. You’ll likely feel a wide range of indescribable emotions after watching this emotional performance.

Performance 4 – “BEN BO”

The integration of Hoi An’s international market with the global economy serves as the primary context for Ben Bo’s performance. The bustling, energetic atmosphere of one of Southeast Asia’s busiest international trading ports in the 18th and 19th centuries is what it promises to depict for viewers. This place now has a new cultural “breath”. Ben Bo doesn’t just show you the illustrious past of Hoi An’s commercial port. Show you a bourgeois economy that has regenerated on the wealthy port land more clearly.


At the end of the show “Hoi An Memories” is the performance of traditional Ao Dai. Return to a tranquil, yet equally dynamic and modern, ancient Hoi An. In a way that is particular to this location—calm, gentle, and brimming with sophistication. You will be pleased with the distinctive ethnic dances presented during the Ao Dai performance. You will admire the beauty of Vietnamese women through the lovely white ao dai. Along the Hoai River, there are majestic legends and common human activities along the Hoai River. Hoi An Memories recreates the golden features of the port town or the busy town of Hoi in a vibrant and emotional way.

Hoi An’s cultural legacy is a testament to its status as a melting pot of diverse influences from around the world. The Hoi An Memories Show celebrates this cultural tapestry with a symphony of traditional music, folk songs, and vibrant dance performances. Each note and movement showcase the fusion of Chinese, Japanese, European, and Vietnamese customs, creating a mesmerizing experience that captivates the heart and soul of every spectator.

Where is Hoi An Memories Show organized? How to get there?

  • Venue: Hoi An Impression Theme Park
  • Address: No. 200 Nguyen Tri Phuong, Cam Nam ward, Hoi An city.
  • Opening hour: Hoi An Memories Show will have performances every day of the week (except Tuesday) from 20h00-21h00.

Hoi An Memory Show is organized at Hoi An Impressions Theme Park at Hoi An Ancient Town which is far away from Da Nang 42km approximately 1 hour 15 minutes move by car. Therefore, you should spend 1-2 days in order to move and explore Hoi An Town, and at night enjoy Noi An Memories Show. Let’s move to Hoi An Ancient Town by car in order to be time-saving and comfortable. With Vietnam Private Car, ensure a smooth and comfortable journey to Hoi An Memory Show and Hoi An Ancient Town. Their reliable service and comfortable vehicles will transport you to this mystical destination, allowing you to focus on the wonders that await you. You will be transported to this amazing location by their dependable service and cozy vehicles, allowing you to concentrate on the wonders that are in store for you. Booking here:

Where to buy tickets for Hoi An Memories Show?

For each row of seats at the Hoi An Memories show, guests will have a selection of price options. Tickets will cost between 480.00 VND and 1,200,000 VND, specifically:

  • Price of an ECO ticket: 480,000 VND
  • Price of HIGH ticket: 600,000 VND
  • Price for a VIP ticket: 1,200,000 VND
  • Tickets for Hoi An Memories are free for children under 1.4 meters tall when they are accompanied by adults (VIP tickets are an exception). You should also keep in mind that purchasing show tickets in advance will allow you to select the ideal seats for you!

There are 3 ways to buy Hoi An Memories show tickets:

Some reminders for attendees:

  • Viewers are not permitted to film or take photos, per show organizers’ rules.
  • The Hoi An Memories show claims that there aren’t many lines in this performance. To ensure that viewers fully understand the content, English text is shown on the subtitle screen. To more easily understand the subtitles, foreign visitors should select the appropriate seats.
  • Visitors can take part in interesting activities at the Hoi An night market after watching the Hoi An Memories show. Visitors will be completely surrounded by the crowded shopping area here. savor a range of regional cuisines.
Hoi An Memories Show

The Hoi An Memories Show is more than just a theatrical performance; it is an encounter with the very essence of Hoi An’s history and culture. Through this captivating destination, visitors are invited to relive the town’s glorious past, celebrate its cultural diversity, and immerse themselves in a magical world that resonates with both locals and global travelers alike.

From the vibrant lights to the resonating melodies, the Hoi An Memories Show is an unforgettable symphony of the heart, leaving visitors with cherished memories that last a lifetime. It is a destination that beckons the curious souls to explore and embrace the stories of old, weaving a connection between the past, present, and future. Embrace the magic of the Hoi An Memories Show and embark on an unforgettable journey through time, leaving a piece of your heart in this captivating Vietnamese town.

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