• Address: Loc Ninh Commune, Dong Hoi City, Quang Binh

Dong Hoi Airport is one of the important import gates for tourists who want to explore the famous Quang Binh region in Central Vietnam. This airport has undergone upgrades and expansion to meet the transportation needs of visitors. The facilities provide necessary amenities for passengers, including passenger terminals, check-in counters, waiting areas, cargo terminals, and other services. If you are planning to travel to Quang Binh, Dong Hoi Airport will be your first destination, bringing convenience and an enthusiastic welcome from the staff here. Let Vietnam Private Car guide you in detail when arriving at Dong Hoi-Quang Binh airport.

Important notes when arriving at the airport.

1. Use phone sim card service.

Find a store or counter that offers SIM cards.
As soon as you arrive at Dong Hoi Airport, look for shops or mobile service counters in the airport area. Usually, SIM card counters are located in the passenger terminal area or inside the station.

Choose the appropriate SIM type.
Mobile carriers often offer many different plans and SIM types. Choose the SIM type and package that suit your usage needs, such as data, calls, and text packages.

Submit the necessary documents.
To buy a SIM card, you may need to present identification documents such as a passport or ID card. If you are an international traveler, check to see if there are any visa requirements.

Fill in the information and register your SIM.
The store staff will guide you in filling out registration information for the SIM card. This may include a name, an address, and some other information.

Check and activate.
Before leaving the store, carefully check the information on the SIM card and phone to make sure everything is correct. Normally, the SIM card will be activated on the spot.

Deposit and use.
Once you have an activated SIM card, you can top up your account to use services such as calls, messages, and mobile data. Depending on the type of SIM you want to buy, network operator, good number, SIM incentives, etc., the price to buy a SIM at Noi Bai International Airport will be different. Normally, sims will sell from 50,000 VND/sim to hundreds of thousands of dong/sim if the sim is pre-registered with a preferential package.

2. Currency Exchange Service

Currency exchange counters are usually located in the international passenger terminal area or in the general terminal area.

Services provided.
Currency exchange counters at Dong Hoi Airport often provide money exchange services for all major foreign currencies. You can exchange cash or use an international credit card to make the transaction.

Note about exchange rates and fees.
Currency exchange rates at the airport can often be higher than at the exchange counters in the city center. This is due to service and amenities fees at the airport. You should check the exchange rate and fees before making a transaction.

Operating hours.
Currency exchange counters are usually open during airport operating hours, ensuring that you can use this service before or after your flight.

Other utilities.
In addition to foreign currency exchange, some countries also provide other financial services, such as withdrawing money from international credit cards.

ATMs and credit cards.
If you don’t want to carry a lot of cash, airports often have automated teller machines (ATMs) and accept international credit cards.

Vietnam Private Car is a business that specializes in offering shuttle services for tourists. For clients who require the company’s airport shuttle service, we also provide cash exchange services concurrently.

3. Travel from the airport to the city center by bus

The bus is a means of transportation chosen by many tourists because it is the cheapest. to move to the city center, as well as visit other famous tourist destinations in Quang Binh.

Bus travel service

1. Route itinerary: Quang Phu commune, Truong Phap street – Nguyen Du – Nhat Le 1 bridge – Bao Ninh – Nhat Le 1 bridge – Tran Hung Dao – To Huu – Huu Nghi – National Highway I – Hoan Lao town (Bo Trach district ) – Provincial road 561 (old TL2) – Ho Chi Minh Road East branch – Provincial Road 561 (old TL2) – Phong Nha tourist center (Son Trach commune, Bo Trach district) and vice versa.

  • Dong Hoi airport bus frequency: 45 minutes/trip
  • Daily operating hours of the route: from 05:30 to 17:30
  • Total number of vehicles per day: 14–16 trips per day (including going and returning).

Bus ticket price:

  • Stage ticket: From 0 to 10km: 10,000 VND
  • From 10 to 20km: 15,000 VND
  • From 20 to 30km: 25,000 VND
  • From 30 to the entire route: 35,000 VND.
  • Monthly ticket: inner city, inner city: 400,000 VND; throughout the route: 500,000 VND.

2. Dong Hoi-Ba Don route and vice versa: Dong Son Ward Cultural House (Dong Hoi City) _ Ly Thai To Street _ Le Loi Street _ Quang Trung Street _ Hung Vuong Street _ Tran Hung Dao Street _ To Huu Street _ Huu Nghi Street _ Ly Thuong Street Kiet _ National Highway 1A _ Quang Trung Street (Quang Tho commune, Quang Trach district) _ Lam Uy Street _ Hung Vuong Street _ Ba Don Market and vice versa

Operating hours:

  • from 5:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily.
  • Frequency: 30 minutes/trip

Bus ticket price:

  • From 0 to 15km: 8,000 VND
  • From 15 to 25km: 13,000 VND
  • From 25 to 35km: 18,000 VND
  • From 35km or more: 25,000 VND

3. Dong Hoi route _ TT. Kien Giang (code number B2): This route was exploited by Ha Tinh Auto Transport Joint Stock Company (Quang Binh Branch) in August 2016 from the City. Dong Hoi to TT. Kien Giang and vice versa.

  • Operating hours: from 5:30 am to 6:00 pm daily
  • Frequency, during peak hours: 15 – 20 minutes/trip.

4. Travel to the city center by taxi

Traveling from Dong Hoi Airport to the center by taxi is a suitable choice for guests traveling in large groups or families and carrying a lot of luggage. Taxi prices from the airport to the city center are about 120,000–200,000 VND per trip. You can save money by sharing a car with other passengers.
Some reputable taxi companies support tourists traveling from Dong Hoi Airport to the center:

  • Suntaxi Quang Binh: 0232 3 68 68 68 –  Fare: 9,500 VND/first km
  • Hoang Sa Taxi: 0232 3 75 75 75 –  Fare: 9,500 VND/first km
  • Phong Nha Taxi: 0232 3 86 86 86 – Fare: 10,000 VND/first km
  • Hai Binh Taxi: 0232 3 67 67 67 –  Fare: 10,000 VND/first km
  • Tien Sa Taxi Quang Binh: 0232 3 79 79 79 –  Fare: 10,500 VND/first km
  • Mai Linh Taxi Quang Binh: 0232 3 85 85 85 –  Fare: 11,000 VND/first km

5. Use a private car service

Vietnam Private Car

For travelers, renting a private vehicle is an excellent alternative to utilizing a cab. Along with the many other perks that come with hiring a private vehicle, such as guaranteeing guests’ privacy and timely pickup and drop-off, when employing private automobile rental services, cost is another rational consideration.
Vietnam Private Car is a firm that specializes in offering expert shuttle services with a driving team that is courteous and guarantees safety. We promise you a fulfilling and joyful journey. For a comprehensive journey, reserve the service in advance with Vietnam Private Car. Let Vietnam Private Car explore this beautiful city with you with the great amenities we have. If you want to have a complete journey, please quickly contact us.

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