Nestled high up in the Ba Na Hills near Da Nang, Vietnam, the Golden Bridge is a breathtaking architectural wonder that beckons visitors with its ethereal charm and stunning vistas. A true masterpiece that seamlessly blends art and nature, this iconic destination offers an unforgettable experience for travelers seeking awe-inspiring beauty.

Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge is a stunning pedestrian walkway that stretches 150 meters long, curving elegantly around the lush green hills like a golden ribbon suspended in the sky. What sets this bridge apart is the colossal pair of weathered hands that appear to cradle the structure, giving it a surreal and magical appearance. The hands, aged as if carved from stone, add a unique touch of artistry and symbolism, representing the hands of the gods pulling this ethereal bridge from the heavens.

As you stroll along the Golden Bridge, you’ll be treated to panoramic vistas of the surrounding landscapes. Gaze over the rolling hills of the Ba Na region, covered in a blanket of emerald, green vegetation. On clear days, the distant mountains and the sparkling blue sea create a dreamlike backdrop, making it an ideal spot for capturing picture-perfect moments and immersing yourself in the wonders of nature.

The weather atop the Ba Na Hills can be ever-changing, adding to the allure of the Golden Bridge. On misty mornings, the bridge appears to float above the clouds, creating a surreal atmosphere straight out of a fairy tale. During sunset, the bridge is bathed in golden hues, accentuating its splendor and providing a romantic ambiance.

After crossing the bridge, you can explore the beautiful gardens, visit the French-inspired Debay Wine Cellar, or take a ride on the exhilarating Alpine Coaster. The diverse range of experiences at Ba Na Hills makes it a complete destination for families, couples, and adventurers alike.

Reaching the Golden Bridge involves a thrilling cable car ride, often regarded as one of the most scenic cable car journeys in the world. The ride itself is an adventure as you ascend through layers of clouds, revealing breathtaking views at every turn. The journey to the bridge is an experience in itself, offering glimpses of the mesmerizing landscape that awaits you at the top.

Cable car

How to get to the Golden Bridge.

The Golden Bridge is in Sun World Ba Na Hills tourism that is far away from Da Nang Center approximately 40km. You have more options on how to get to Golden Bridge:

  • Bus from Da Nang Center to Ba Na Hills: Da Nang Green Bus, City Tour Bus…. with 150,000VND/ person/2 ways. Noted: you have to leave Ba Na Hills at 15:00pm to catch the bus on time.
  • Renting a motorbike is suitable for adventurers. The cost of renting a motorbike is approximately 100,000VND-150,000VND.
  • Moving to Ba Na Hills by car is a great choice for group visitors. You can rent a taxi or if you want to have a private and modern car, you can rent a car of car tourism services. Book a car and make a plan to explore Golden Bridge with Vietnam Private Car Danang to Mercure Bana Hill Hotel – Top Private Car Transfer Service in Vietnam (
Da Nang Center to Ba Na Hill

The Golden Bridge entrance fees
Visitors do not need to buy Golden Bridge tickets, but you need to buy Ba Na Hills tourism area tickets. The entrance fees are as below:

  • Adults and children over 1m4 tall: 900,000VND/person
  • Children from 1m to 1m4 tall: 750,000VND.
  • Children under 1m tall: free tickets.

The above reference ticket price includes visiting the Golden Bridge, taking the 2-way cable car, going to the wine cellar, Le Jardin Garden and most of the games in Fantasy Park. Noted: Cable car will be open from 8:00 am to 22:00 pm, you should make a plan reasonably in order to not miss cable car at the end day.

Sunset at Golden Bridge

The Golden Bridge at Ba Na Hills is not just a bridge; it’s a gateway to a world of beauty, art, and natural splendor. From its unique design to the spectacular views it offers, this destination is a must-visit for anyone exploring the wonders of Vietnam. Whether you’re an architecture enthusiast, a nature lover, or a traveler seeking unforgettable experiences, the Golden Bridge promises an enchanting journey that will leave an indelible mark on your heart and memories.

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