Embark on a journey of discovery in Hoi An, Vietnam, where ancient charm and modern delights intertwine. Join us as we unveil the top 10 experiences that make Hoi An an enchanting destination. From wandering through centuries-old streets to indulging in mouthwatering cuisine, each moment adds a vibrant stroke to your Hoi An canvas. With Vietnam Local Travel & Transport as your guide, let’s dive into this captivating adventure where memories are etched and stories come alive.

Hoi An
  1. Explore the Old Town:

Begin your journey in Hoi An by stepping back in time as you wander through the colorful streets of the Ancient Town. This UNESCO World Heritage-listed gem is a showcase of stunning architecture, including Japanese covered bridges, Chinese assembly halls, and Vietnamese merchant houses. Let the rich history and captivating atmosphere transport you to another era.

  1. Take Cooking Classes:

Vietnamese cuisine is renowned worldwide for its exquisite flavors and fresh ingredients. Embrace the opportunity to learn the secrets of Vietnamese cooking with a hands-on cooking class. Start your culinary adventure by visiting a local market to select the freshest produce, then master the art of preparing traditional dishes under the guidance of skilled chefs.

You can refer to some classes at the link below:


  1. Enjoy Local Food:

One cannot visit Hoi An without savoring the delectable local food. From savory dishes like Cao Lau and White Rose Dumplings to sweet treats like Banh Mi and Coconut Coffee, the town offers an enticing variety of flavors. Don’t be shy to explore the bustling street food scene and indulge in the culinary delights that locals have perfected over generations.

  1. Release the flower garlands and coloured lanterns:

As the sun sets and the old town transforms into a wonderland of shimmering lights, immerse yourself in the magical tradition of releasing flower lanterns. Take part in this enchanting ritual by setting your own flower lanterns afloat on the Thu Bon River, adding your wish to the thousands of others that dance upon the water’s surface.

Release the flower garlands and coloured lanterns
  1. Sightseeing Hoi An by Bicycle:

Escape the bustling streets and venture into the picturesque countryside on a bicycle. Cycle past emerald rice paddies, lush coconut groves, and quaint villages, all while soaking in the serene beauty of the Vietnamese countryside. This eco-friendly and leisurely exploration will grant you an authentic glimpse into local life.

  1. Join Folk Games:

Experience the warmth and friendliness of the local community by participating in traditional Vietnamese folk games. From bamboo dancing to bai choi, these entertaining activities provide a deeper understanding of the country’s rich cultural heritage while creating cherished memories.

Bai Choi
  1. Visiting Traditional Craft Villages:

Hoi An is not only a town of historical significance but also a hub of skilled artisans. Take a short trip to traditional craft villages, such as Thanh Ha Pottery Village or Tra Que Vegetable Village, where you can witness age-old crafts being practiced and even try your hand at creating your own masterpieces.

  1. Tailor-Made Clothing:

Indulge in a personalized fashion experience by having tailor-made clothing crafted to fit your style and preferences. Hoi An is renowned for its talented tailors who can create custom-made clothing in a short time, ensuring you take home unique souvenirs that reflect your taste.

  1. Take a Scenic Boat Ride on Thu Bon River:

Revel in the tranquility of the Thu Bon River as you embark on a scenic boat ride. Witness the town’s picturesque waterfront from a different perspective and gain insights into the daily lives of local fishermen. The gentle sway of the boat and the captivating surroundings will leave you with a sense of peace and wonder.

Take a Scenic Boat Ride
  1. Relax on An Bang Beach:

Unwind and rejuvenate on the golden sands of An Bang Beach. Just a short distance from the old town, this serene coastal haven offers a peaceful escape from the vibrant city center. Whether you want to sunbathe, swim, or simply laze around with a book, An Bang Beach is the perfect spot to unwind and absorb the coastal charm.

In a symphony of experiences, these top 10 activities capture the essence of Hoi An’s charm and allure. From ancient streets to tailor-made fashion, tranquil river rides to sun-soaked beach moments, each element paints a vivid memory on your canvas of adventure.

Guided by Vietnam Local Travel & Transport, your exploration effortlessly weaves through these highlights, creating a harmonious melody of discovery, enchantment, and lasting memories in Hoi An’s captivating tune.

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