• Address:  Vo Chi Cong Street, Binh Minh Commune, Thang Binh District, Quang Nam Province.
  • Operating hours:  09:00 – 20:00 daily

Nam Hoi An is the largest and most alluring recreation, cultural, and wildlife area in Vietnam. The top entertainment technology products and models are all gathered in one location, making it an excellent tourist destination for visitors to Da Nang and Hoi An. If you have the opportunity to travel to Da Nang or Hoi An, you must stop in at VinWonders Nam Hoi An, a popular tourist destination because:

Map of Nam Hoi An tourist area.
  • This is a cutting-edge, upscale amusement and entertainment complex with an overwhelming amount of entertainment and services provided with professionalism.
  • There are nine different areas at Vinpearl Land Nam Hoi An for guests to explore and enjoy without getting bored, including a water park, an indoor play area, a zoo, a cultural museum, a movie theater, and more.
  • You will enjoy trying your hand at playing with more than 95 exciting indoor and outdoor games. The riverboat ride to visit the zoo is the part that people find most interesting.
  • Vinpearl Hoi An also has a lot of “virtual living” areas with thousands of likes where you can freely pose and “take” lovely pictures to add to your Facebook and Instagram photo albums.

Tourist subdivisions in VinWonders Nam Hoi An
1. Crossing harbor – vivid simulation of the old Hoi An commercial port.

Crossing harbor

You’ll start your exploration when you get to Hoi An with Crossing Harbor. From the East to the West and from the distant past to the present, magical cultures converge here.

Here is outstanding experiential:

  • Crossing the harbor area: as you enter VinWonders Nam Hoi An through the main gate, you’ll notice 12 sizable boats that represent the bustling trading scene of Hoi An in the 16th and 17th centuries.
  • Old town along the river: the lantern street, the row of old houses next to the serene and poetic river, and other features perfectly capture the typical image of Hoi An,…
  • Avenue of Dreams has contemporary Western colors and houses with flat, pointed roofs and fairy castles.
Avenue of Dreams

2. Folklore Island – the meeting point of essential cultural elements from North to South.

Folklore Island

When you visit Folklore Island, you will hear the local legend and find peace in your soul.

Here are some experiential should try:

  • Admire the innovative housing which recreates the North, Central-Hue, South, and Central Highlands homes of the various ethnic groups living in Vietnam.
  • Visit the craft village: By going there, you can experience the steps involved in creating intricate handicrafts firsthand and learn how they are made.

3. River Safari – The largest river-based zoo in Vietnam.

The only river wildlife conservation park in Vietnam is located in South Hoi An and is home to nearly 550 members of 50 different species.

River Safari

Excellent Experiential:

  • Enjoy a 1.7 km long river cruise while admiring the wildlife and nature, which includes Bengal tigers, African lions, jaguars, twisted-horned antelopes, rhinoceroses, and more.
  • Let’s take “so chill” pictures with hundreds of colorful parrots at the Parrot House.
  • Feeding giraffes and elephants is one of the exciting activities you can engage in while interacting with the animals.

4. Adventure land – experience hundreds of exciting games.

The land of adventure is a place where visitors can experience an emotional explosion of endless fun with a variety of thrilling outdoor games and nearly 100 exciting indoor games.

Adventure land

Highly recommended Experiential:

  • Take on outdoor adventure games like Drop of the Century, which will make you feel as though you are falling “suffocating” from an 85-meter tower at a speed of 72.5 kilometers per hour.
  • Reverse World: This game transports players to a height of 31.5 meters before spinning 360 degrees and sending them free-falling at a speed of 65 kilometers per hour.
  • Find more thrilling adventure games, including forgotten valley, air dance, cable-stayed tree, super speed vortex, and desert vortex.
  • Indoor games: a haven of indoor entertainment with close to 100 different games for players of all ages. You can expect to have a lot of fun playing some outstanding games, like the kids’ fairy garden, trampoline game, audition play one dance, and 3D/4D movie theater, among others.

5. Beat the summer heat with Water World.

Water World

This charming VinWonders Nam Hoi An neighborhood features a system of slides, game pools, and a number of thrilling and engaging activities.

Outstanding Experiential:

Learn about the super-top slides. The whirlwinds of enormous, long, twisted slides like: Than dragon slide, super basin, ,… will provide you with exhilarating, exhilarating experiences. Enjoy yourself while playing in the kiddie pool, which is decorated with vibrant colors and very captivating games for kids like the Hawaiian house, rain jellyfish, swan slide, water gun,…

VinWonders Nam Hoi An offers some exceptional performances

VinWonders Nam Hoi An will transport you to a brilliant world of cultural quintessence and give you the opportunity to feel a range of emotions:

1. “Ve Ben”

” Ve Ben” performance
  • Venue: Vin Wonders Nam Hoi An Folklore Island, Thuy Dinh stage

Its reality program Through the ideal fusion of music, props, and artistic movements on the wharf and under the boat, returning to the Wharf recreates the festival space and the thrilling story of the day about the bumper.

2. Water Music Performance

Venue: water music station stage
A water music show is a celebration of sound and light that cleverly and creatively combines music, color, and water. The performance is the ideal way to cap off your trip through VinWonders Nam Hoi An’s fun and culture.

Ticket prices for VinWonders Nam Hoi An for reference:

  • Adults: 600,000 VND/ person, and after 15:00pm: 420,000 VND/person
  • Children: 450,000 VND/person, and after 15:00pm: 320,000 VND/ person.
  • The elderly (under 60 years old): 450,000 VND/person. after 15:00pm: 320.000VND/person.

There are some ways to book VinWonders Nam Hoi An entrance tickets: buy directly at the ticket counter, buy through Website https://booking.vinwonders.com/vi-VND/search?code=NHAVW&usingDate=05-08-2023&adultQuantity=1&childQuantity=0&seniorQuantity=0, or buy through agents, travel agencies.
You should visit VinWonders Nam Hoi An from March- September which is a great time because most of Nam Hoi An’s game is outdoors. So, This time is reasonable to experience all of VinWonders Nam Hoi An the best fully.

How to get Nam Hoi An?

  • Hoi An Ancient Town to VinWonders Nam Hoi An is for 35 minutes/17km.
  • Da Nang to VinWonders Nam Hoi An is more than 1 hour/ 45km.
    With long move trips, you should rent a private car to have more comfortable and safer. Let’s rent cars with Vietnam Private Car that will give you a safe and enjoyable experience. Booking here: https://vietnamprivatecar.com/private-car/hoi-an-to-vinpearl-land-nam-hoi-an/

Let’s make plan and enjoy your trips at VinWonders Nam Hoi An right now!

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