• Address: Hoa Thuan Tay Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang.
  • IATA code: DAD – ICAO code: VVDN
Da Nang Airport.

Da Nang International Airport is a major airport located in Da Nang, the largest city in central Vietnam. It serves as a crucial transportation hub for the region, facilitating domestic and international air travel.

Important notes when arriving at the airport.

1. Currency Conversion Service

Currency Conversion Service & Use phone sim card service.

1.1. Places to exchange money.

The location to support currency exchange services for international passengers at Noi Bai airport is located on the 1st floor of the lobby, terminal T2 of the airport. There are also many automatic teller machines in the service system at Da Nang airport.
Public area 1st floor:

  • MB Bank – ground floor, arrival hall, public area – Phone: 19009247
  • BIDV – ground floor, arrival hall, public area – Phone: +84 901122626
  • Eximbank – ground floor, arrival hall, public area – Phone: +84 907858915
  • Vietcombank – ground floor, arrival hall, public area – Phone: +84 965918883

Location in restricted area:

  • Eximbank – 2nd floor, departure hall, behind security area – Phone: +84 907858915

Be careful when exchanging money at Da Nang airport.

  • Know clearly the exchange rate of the currency you want to exchange;
  • Only exchange money at reputable bank counters at the airport;
  • Understand clearly the fees for withdrawing money at ATMs;
  • Carefully research basic costs when traveling to other countries;
  • Understand the legal regulations on bringing foreign currency abroad.

2.2 Ascertain beforehand how much is to be traded.

You should think about how much cash you will exchange and carry with you in case of loss or theft based on the reason for your trip, your budget, and the laws of the place you are visiting.

Vietnam Private Car is a business that specializes in offering shuttle services for tourists. For clients who require the company’s airport shuttle service, we also provide cash exchange services concurrently.

2. Use phone sim card service.

Da Nang International Airport

Purchasing a SIM card for a phone at the airport is an easy and affordable method to make sure tourists have a better experience using mobile services and communicating in a foreign country.

2.1. Location of the SIM card store at Da Nang International Airport
At the moment, the first-floor lobby areas house the airport’s sim counter. So take note of the signage around you and come buy a SIM card now. Typically, travel agencies or sim agents staff these sim counters.

2.2. How much does a SIM card cost at Da Nang International Airport?

The cost to purchase a SIM card at Da Nang International Airport will vary depending on the kind of SIM card you wish to purchase, network provider, good number, SIM bonuses, etc. Sims typically range in price from 50,000 VND to hundreds of thousands of dong, depending on the package and date of pre-registration.

Services and facilities at Da Nang International Airport

Da Nang International Airport
  • Minimart, Vietnam Gift Shop, Urban Market, Lotte Duty Free, Burger King, Highland Coffee, and so on are places to eat, shop, and rest.
  • Visa stamping is the process of giving advice, filling out paperwork, handling associated processes, etc. to foreign visitors wanting to enter Vietnam.
  • Special support: The airport management unit sets up a variety of spaces and personnel to cater to certain special customers, such as children and individuals with disabilities. most distinct.
  • You can also find a lot of other services at the airport, like free wifi, hotel reservations, travel information guides, and the ability to exchange SIM cards and SIM cards.

How to get from Da Nang Airport 

1. Travel to the city center by taxi.

Da Nang Airport

Taxi are always a convenient and popular means of transportation. All of these taxi companies serve 24/7 and are available anytime, anywhere, at the station. You can be proactive in your travel time. When using the taxi rental service, customers can freely arrange the time and route that is most convenient for them.
The refer price: 150,000VND-350,000VND/trip (from Da Nang Airport to Da Nang City).

2. Travel economically by bus from Da Nang International Airport.

For tourists, the bus is the most affordable and secure form of public transportation. You can take one of the numerous bus routes in Da Nang from the airport to get to the hotel or tourist attraction you have reserved. However, if you’re traveling with a partner or with minimal luggage, taking the bus is a better option. You can instantly consult the bus routes below if you are terrified to get off the plane and are unsure which bus to reserve to get to the hotel:

  • 01 East road of central bus station/Hoi An bus station
    Operating time: 5:30 – 17:50
    Frequency: 15minute– 20minute/trip
    Reference ticket price: 20,000VNĐ/trip
  • 03 Da Nang Bus Station/Ai Nghia Bus Station
    Operating time: 5:30 – 18:00
    Frequency: 20minute – 30minute/trip
    Reference ticket price: 30.000 VNĐ/trip
  • 04 Da Nang/Tam Ky bus station
    Operating time: 5:30 – 17:00
    Frequency: 30minute/trip
    Reference ticket price: 30.000 VNĐ/trip

3. Airport shuttle.

Da Nang International Airport.

For just 130,000 VND per way, you can book an airport shuttle in addition to a taxi or bus. When a shuttle is reserved, guests will be picked up at their location, speed, and safety. Additionally, there are a variety of car models available for airport shuttles, including 4-seat, 7-seat, and 16-seat vehicles. But you should only take this bus if you are traveling with little to no luggage and in a small group (1-2 people)

4. Rent a private car from transportation services in Danang

You also have the option of leaving the Da Nang airport and traveling in a private vehicle. When you travel, renting a private vehicle is more comfortable and convenient. You can plan your own schedule and visit the locations you want to see. Additionally, a professional driver will assist you in moving quickly and safely when you rent a private vehicle. There are no worries regarding directions, parking, or paying for parking.

Vietnam Private Car

Vietnam Private Car’s vehicle rental service will be a wise decision for you. Modern car options abound from Vietnam Private Car: SUVs, VANs,, etc. With a pick-up board in hand, our driver will be prepared to receive you at the airport and drop you off.

Link refer: Da Nang Airport

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