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The first time I set foot at Noi Bai Airport, Hanoi, I not only brought with me the thrill of a new trip but also a full set of expectations for new experiences. Known as one of Vietnam’s important international import and export ports, this airport is impressive at first sight. It is known that Noi Bai International Airport is one of the largest airports in Vietnam. This place seems to be a familiar and indispensable symbol of the capital, Hanoi. With important experiences and notes when first arriving at Noi Bai airport. This article will make it easier for you to adapt and use the services here conveniently.

Nội Bài Airport
Noi Bai Airport

Important notes when arriving at the airport.

1. Use phone sim card service.

Buying a phone SIM card when arriving at the airport is a convenient and cost-effective way to help visitors have a better experience communicating and using mobile services when in a new country.

1.1 Place to buy a phone SIM at Noi Bai Airport
Currently, the sim counter at Noi Bai airport is located in lobby A1 and lobby A2 on the first floor. So look around at the signs and come buy a SIM right away. These sim counters are usually run by sim agents or travel companies.
1.2 Procedures for buying a SIM card at Noi Bai Airport
Customers who buy SIM cards at Noi Bai Airport are international customers and need to have a passport to register as SIM owners. Vietnamese people need an ID card or ID to register the SIM owner. You can register on your behalf, so feel free to buy a SIM at Noi Bai Airport. Some agents sell pre-activated sims, so you may not need to use any formalities; just buy a sim and use it.
1.3 What is the selling price of a SIM card at Noi Bai International Airport?
Depending on the type of SIM you want to buy, network operator, good number, SIM incentives, etc., the price to buy a SIM at Noi Bai International Airport will be different. Normally, sims will sell from 50,000 VND/sim to hundreds of thousands of dong/sim if the sim is pre-registered with a preferential package.

2. Currency Conversion Service

2.1 Places to exchange money

The location that supports money exchange services for international passengers at Noi Bai Airport is right at the T2 International Passenger Terminal to serve the money exchange needs of passengers. Currently, Noi Bai International Airport has arranged 4 locations for currency exchange counters at international terminal T2 as follows:

  • Location 1: Near departure gates 17 and 18
  • Location 2: Opposite procedure block D (Departure Terminal)
  • Location 3: Behind the border police counter (arrival station)
  • Location 4: International arrival hall (exit)

Public area on the first floor of the west wing:

  • 02 foreign exchange counters: BIDV Bank and Maritime Bank.
  • 03 ATMs: BIDV Bank, Maritime Bank, VP Bank

The public area on the 1st floor of the east wing:

  • There are two foreign currency exchange counters: Vietinbank Bank and Techcombank Bank.
  • 03 ATMs: Vietinbank Bank, Techcombank Bank, and Agribank Bank

2.2 Determine how much money to exchange in advance.

Depending on the purpose of your trip, your spending plan, and the regulations of the countries you are visiting, you should consider the amount of money you will exchange and bring with you.

Vietnam PrivateCar is a company specializing in providing tourist shuttle services. At the same time, we also support cash conversion services for customers who need them when using the company’s airport shuttle service.

3. Travel from the airport to the city center by bus

If you are not in a hurry and want to save money, depending on the location you want to go to, you can use public bus routes.
Advantages: cheap price, environmental protection
Disadvantages: crowded; may run out of seats during peak hours; long travel time. Be careful of pickpockets.

3.1 Bus Route 07 (Noi Bai Airport-Cau Giay)

  • Bus running time: 05:00 a.m.–21:30 p.m.
  • Operating frequency: 15–20 minutes per trip
  • Ticket price: 8,000 VND/ticket/person/turn

3.2 Bus Route 17 (Noi Bai Airport-Long Bien)

  • Bus running time: 05:00 a.m.–20:30 p.m.
  • Operating frequency: 10 minus 15 minus/trip
  • Ticket price: 8,000 VND/ticket/person/turn

3.3 Bus Route 90 (Noi Bai Airport-Kim Ma)

  • Bus running time: 05:30 a.m.–10:30 p.m.
  • Operating frequency: 20 minus 30 minus/trip
  • Ticket price: 8,000 VND/ticket/person/turn

3.4 Bus 86 – High-quality bus from Hanoi (Le Duan) to Noi Bai Airport

  • In Hanoi (Le Duan): 05:10 a.m.–10:30 p.m.
  • At Noi Bai: 06:30 a.m.–23:30 p.m.
  • Operating frequency: 25 minus 30 minus/trip
  • Ticket price: 30,000 VND/ticket/person/turn

4. Travel to the city center by taxi

Taxis are always a convenient and popular means of transportation. All of these taxi companies serve 24/7 and are available anytime, anywhere, at the station.

Advantages of a taxi rental service:

  • Customers can be proactive in their travel time. If you choose to travel by bus, you will have to leave very early to be able to choose a comfortable seat. Furthermore, you have to depend entirely on the hours of the bus company. When using the taxi rental service, customers can freely arrange the time and route that is most convenient for them.
  • Ensure safety and limit risks as much as possible. Long-distance airport trips require a lot of professionalism and knowledge of all routes from the driver. Furthermore, hiring a taxi with a driver will limit travel risks and help you rest before boarding the plane.
  • Avoid theft: Especially during holidays, the need to move often increases. Therefore, thieves often take advantage of this time to pickpocket and steal when bus passengers are vulnerable.

Disadvantages of a taxi rental service:

  • The only downside of the Noi Bai taxi rental service is that it is more expensive than traveling by bus or passenger car. However, if customers choose a taxi rental service, they will receive the benefits mentioned above.

Taxi cars are arranged to wait for passengers right on the 1st floor, in the public area of the arrival terminals of Terminals T1 and T2, so you can easily choose and use the service according to your needs.

Taxi rental service price:

  • The average one-way price ranges from about 180,000 VND to 220,000 VND per way.
  • The return price is calculated according to the meter fare; the average price from Noi Bai to Hanoi center is between 250,000 and 400,000 VND, depending on where you want to go in the city.

5. Use a Private car

Besides using a taxi, booking a private car is also a great option for tourists. With the benefits that private car rental services bring such as ensuring privacy for visitors, on-time pick-up and drop-off, and many other amenities. Price is also a reasonable aspect when using private car rental services.
Vietnam Private Car is a company specializing in providing professional shuttle services with a working style that ensures safety and friendliness from the company’s driver team. We guarantee you a satisfying and enjoyable trip. Book the service in advance from Vietnam Private Car for a complete trip. Let’s explore the beautiful and splendid capital city.

Vietnam Private Carr

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